A Welcome from the President of the Southeast Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in the Southeast Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SESHSMD). We are an affiliate of the National Society for Healthcare strategy and Market Development, a professional membership group of the American Hospital Association. Our organization is unique in that we are one of the few professional associations in the country dedicated solely to healthcare strategy and business development. We have intentionally structured our board to reflect healthcare provider strategy leadership, and our education content is specifically tailored to provide insights to strategy and strategic planning needs. This is a unique time for healthcare strategy. We are being asked to take on new areas of focus not traditionally included under the strategic planning umbrella. Our health systems are facing ever increasing pressure due to workforce shortages, low margins and increasing uncertainty. We all feel the weight of these various factors and understand that organizations that provide connectivity and education specifically to health care strategy are more important now than ever. SESHSMD stands ready and committed to providing connection and insights across the southeast to help us drive more efficient and impactful strategy that adds value across our organizations. We are excited about the value-added offerings we will continue to provide to our members. If you would like to get engaged, you can find our committee chairs listed on the Board of Directors page. I urge you to contact any one of us if you are interested in learning more. We know there are many ways to spend your education dollars and many organizations from which to choose. I urge you to consider becoming a member of SESHSMD and to get involved by supporting our regional efforts, networking with others throughout the Southeast, helping define the type of organization you want through committee work, speaking at or attending our programs and events, or by becoming a corporate sponsor. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your interest in and support of SESHSMD.


Sarah Brownell President, SESHSMD